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Hair as Identity is designed to promote and initiate discussion between men and women from diverse backgrounds around the relationships between hair and self-esteem and perceptions about professionalism. We provide an ongoing series of resources for people striving to manage their professional image.

We continue to provide cutting-edge research thanks to participants like you. Join us as we explore untapped conversations, stories and research on the social implications and reactions to natural hair, from the challenges of wearing natural hair in the workplace and struggles with self-confidence as it relates to hair.


If you enjoy reading the stories on and have your own hair story to share, we would love to have you contribute to our blog and share your story with our readers. We welcome a wide range of stories and and opinions that will stir conversations on our site. To share your hair story, click here.

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We currently work with photographers around the world, and are looking to further expand the breadth of global photographs on our site. If you would like your photos featured on our site, please send your portfolio to


All contributors receive proper attribution for their work, and frequent contributors get featured on our home page. Thank you for supporting our mission to educate people with hair stories from around the world!