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Twist-outs after one week

Hi everyone,

Well, after wearing my twist-outs for the entire week here is how they look. I admit I went a bit overboard with the number of pics. I got a little hypnotized by the clicking shutter sound on my IPad camera.
I used castor oil and Eco-styler Gel (Olive Oil), what do you use to do your twist outs?
  • Anonymous

    well that wasn't such a teeny afro after all! you look stunning! ~ verta

  • topie

    Thanks Verta! You had a Big Chop too right? How is it going?

  • Adaeze

    Tina, Your twist-outs look great. I just read your post on the Washington Post and wanted to share my well wishes as you make this transition. I'm in the same space with regard to hair, but I came to mine a little late in the game :)Here's my first blogpost on the subject. take care,Adaeze

  • Anonymous

    Well, imo it does have a masculine look to it. Is there a way that you could flat iron it a bit and let it grow out some? The glasses look cute though

  • topie

    @ Adaeze, thanks so much for your compliments. I'll be sure to check out your blog. @ Anonymous, thank you for your comments too, I hadn't thought about flat ironing my hair. Please let me know if that suggestion would be to straighten the texture, lengthen my hair or both? Thanks, I am working on my glasses wardrobe! 🙂

  • topie

    Also, if it's okay with you, I may post your comments in my blog to share with other readers. Please let me know if that's NOT cool with you.Thanks!Tina

  • Todra Payne

    You look fabulous. I loved your video when you cut off your locs. A site I like posted it and that's how I found out about you. Glad I found your blog.

  • topie

    Hi Todra. Thanks so much for reading and commenting on the blog; please keep coming back! 🙂 I am really trying to give voice to the common joys and challenges that many of us face with our hair. I'm really glad that it resonated with you! May I ask which site posted the video? I'd love to say thank you.See you!Tina

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