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Twist it on out!

Hello everyone,

After wearing my hair in double-strand twists from Friday to Monday, I did a twist out. Before I untwisted, I rubbed a small amount of castor oil on the twists. I then made sure that my fingertips were coated in the oil as I untwisted each twist.
Here are the results (the top pic is after sleeping on it for one night with a scarf; the bottom pic is how they looked right after I did the twist out). Next time, I will be sure to do smaller twists on the sides and in the back of my head to accommodate for the coilier hair on those sections of my head. All in all, I am thrilled and excited to be exploring my hair.
P.S.: Please check out my blog TOMORROW for links to a Washington Post video highlighting my journey from dreadlocks to TWA (teeny weeny afro). I also wrote an accompanying piece. Please repost, tweet, email, etc. and get the word out!
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