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TWA: Double-strand twists

First time with double-strand twists

Last night, I double-strand twisted my TWA for the first time. I already had product in my hair (Kinky Curly and castor oil). I misted my hair with water, applied a bit more castor oil and twisted my hair using Eco-Styler gel. Initially I only planned to twist my bangs but since I was catching up on DVRed episodes of America’s Next Top Model, I decided to twist all of my hair. When I finished I slicked a bit of gel around my edges and tied on a satin scarf.

When I removed the scarf this morning, I loved the neat, textured look as all of my twists lay on my head (well, all but one stubborn twist that stuck up in the back of my head). I plan to wear the twists for the next few days and then wear a twist-out. I’ll be sure to post pics of the twist-out! By the way, I took the picture with my IPad and I’m still getting used to it. Hopefully, my photography skills will quickly improve! 🙂

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