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Tracee Ellis Ross: Hair Idol!

In a recent article I wrote for the Washington Post, I shared that Tracee Ellis Ross was (still is!) one of my hair idols. Why? Well, one look at this slide show of her hairstyles and you’ll see why. Ms. Ellis Ross manages to look uniquely quirky, elegant, stylish and gorgeous while ROCKING her natural hair. Go Ms. Ellis Ross!

See the slide show at

  • Samara

    She was my hair idol too! When I went natural,and realized my hair wasn't anything like hers I was utterly disappointed. Talk about a reality check.

  • topie

    Samara, you are preaching! The thing is, we ALL have to come to grips with our own hair (and our own selves) so that we love, LOVE, LOVE it! Not an easy task but so necessary!

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