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To Chop or Not to Chop? Decision Made (for now!)

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To cut or not to cut off my locks? Well, I finally made a decision. I have a loc maintenance appointment tomorrow (Wednesday) and I can’t wait. I have decided to go to a new salon and I hope that it works out. It’s an early birthday gift to myself because I turn 40 on Thursday. Whew-hew! So looking forward to it! I’ve been blessed with another year of life, Hallelujah! I’m not going to let insecurity rob me of the sheer joy of that.

I think I gave myself a gift when I took the time to work through the feelings that I have about my locks and my identity. I realize that, for now, I just need a new look! When I go to the salon, I will be experimenting with a new style (thanks to Kinky Curly Island Gurl ( I won’t be cutting it into a style but will perhaps ask the stylist to craft a cute lock bob. Hmm, or maybe I’ll color it? In any event, I’m open to the possibilities. Will have to post a picture once it’s done!

Have you been thinking about doing the Big Chop? What is leading you to want to do it? If you decided not to, why?

  • AJ

    You go, girl!! When I saw this pic, I thought to myself why chop it off? There are so many options open to ladies with locs. My girls, Danielle & Ronda, rock updos, curly styles, side ponies, etc. Just know no matter what you do with your hair, you're still going to be the beautiful woman I've known and admired for years. And yes, pics are a must!

  • meandmrcole

    Thhis is exciting! I can't wait to see the 'do (and you!) over the long weekend. Enjoy the salon experience, and whatever you do, go with your gut.

  • topie

    Hi AJ! Thanks so much. By the way, that is not me in the pic. I just love the style! I am now loving my locs. I think I just went through a phase where I wanted something different. It has motivated me to learn more and more about locs. I need to expand beyond pulling it into a ponytail and putting it up. Whew-hew. Meandmrcole, yes, can't wait to see you! We are going to have a ball!

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