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Diane Bailey of Tendrils Hair Spa

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Diane Bailey of Tendrils Hair Spa ( ) is a FORCE OF NATURE! Plain and simple. When Diane enters a room she brings both sparkle and depth. She is in the “45 to 65 range” though she looks much younger and recognizes that her good genes and healthy living have blessed her with a beautiful visage. Plus, she is indefatigable; during my two plus hour stay I don’t think I saw Diane sit down once (Diane, thanks for opening your shop to me!).

Needless to say, I had a fabulous visit. But the thing that I enjoyed most about visiting Tendrils was speaking with Diane, Carla and other stylists (and some clients!) about their passion for a natural hair lifestyle. That’s right, at Tendrils you quickly learn that these women believe that natural hair reflects a deeper commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I used the word “naturalista” and Diane replied that such lingo is in fact what leads some to believe that natural hair is a trend rather than a healthy choice. Hmm, something to think about? Do you think that words like naturalista or phrases like “the Big Chop” contribute to the perception that natural hair is a fad? Why or why not?

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Natural Hair Weekend: Interviews, Meet-up and Awards Show!

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Hello everyone!

My last post was a week ago today and SO MUCH has happened since then. Last Friday, I went to New York to immerse myself in the natural hair care industry. I interviewed such notable Brooklyn salon owners as Diane Bailey of Tendrils ( , Marlene Duperley of Doris New York, Inc. ( and Victoria J. of Victoria J. Natural Hair Salon ( Each of these women opened their salons or homes to me and graciously gave of their time to share their thoughts on the natural hair care industry.
I also attended a natural hair meet-up hosted by Darker than Brown ( at a restaurant I’d never frequented (Vapiano’s! the meet-up was at the University Blvd location, try the Cobb Salad YUMMY!).
Plus, I attended the Natural Hair Awards at the Brooklyn Museum. I am not one to be starstruck but I was in awe of seeing Amazon Smiley (Amazon Natural Essentials Salon & Spa), Anu Prestonia (Khamit Kinks), Diane Bailey (Tendrils Salon), Marsulette Walker (Madame Walker’s Braidery), Marion Council-George (Designer Braids & Trade), Nekhena Evans (New Bein’ Enterprises), Orin Saunders (Locks N’ Chops), Sheila Everette-Hale (Everette’s Cornrows), and Tulani Kinard (Tulani’s Regal Movement; yes, THAT Tulani Kinard of Sweet Honey in the Rock fame!). I’ll discuss each of them in turn in the coming days.
Talk about a wonderful time! When I got back home on Monday, my mind was whirling with possibilities and blog topics. I welcome your comments as I post about each of these phenomenal experiences!
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    Greetings Ms. OpieIt is truly a wonderful thing you are doing with regards to blogging about our industry. I am thrilled you had an opportunity to attend The Master Pioneer Award. I look forward to reading your upcoming blog on our honorees. Peace and Blessings in all of you do and your visionAnita Hill MosesThe Master Pioneer AwardExecutive Director

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    Hi Samara and Anita!Samara, I am having the videos edited but I will be sure to post once they are worthy of viewing. 🙂 Anita, you know that I think you are doing a FABULOUS job! Keep it up!Tina

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