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Poofy Hair? Get Ready for a Pat Down!

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Ladies, our natural “poofy” hair may subject us to pat-downs at the airport. Think I’m joking, check out this story found at:

“An African-American woman who was subjected to a security pat-down at a Seattle Airport because of her “poofy” hairstyle is claiming that she was discriminated against.

Laura Adiele was pulled out of the security line after having gone through the Advance Imaging System and was told she needed a pat-down.

“When I first heard her say, ‘We’re going to have to pat you down,’ I thought she was talking about my body. I was turning around and putting my arms out and she said, ‘no, we’re going to have to examine your hair,’ and I said, ‘no, we’re not going to do that today and you’re going to have to get security or your supervisor,’” said Adiele.”

Click on the link to watch an accompanying video and let me know what you think.

  • klgoodson

    I think its outrageous to have your hair checked black or white. For the commenter above, when you walk in a black person's shoes then you can talk!!!!!

  • topie

    Hello everyone,Gatorguy78 and klgoodson, I truly appreciate you posting your honest opinions. I think such authentic sharing is the only way that we will be able to understand how others experience life. Please keep the comments open-minded and realize that every story always, ALWAYS has two sides. Please keep coming back! 🙂

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