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I’m baaaccck and so is my hair

Hello everyone,

In my last post, I mentioned that my hair was quite damaged from a flat iron.  I usually don’t use much heat in my hair, but I decided to get a blow-out, trim and a flat-ironed style. I loved the style!

Tina- flat iron fiasco

BUT, when I washed my hair, it wouldn’t return to its natural, kinky glory.  My hair would simply NOT curl on the ends.  Since then, I have been on the hunt for a Boston stylist who is also a trained barber.  Well, thanks to a recommendation (thanks Tiffany!), I found him!  My hair is now in a feminine, modified mohawk.


Tina Mohawk


Well, I’m choosing to look at this as the glass half full: I have a healthy head of hair and a fresh summer cut!  🙂  Have you ever suffered from heat damage?  What did you do to rectify the situation?

  • Tina Opie

    Thanks for sharing Laquita! I learned my lesson!

  • Petra Lewis

    Hi Tina: I have a very strict no-heat policy on my hair. As you know, my hair curls naturally. In the past I’ve had people tell me I can safely use a diffuser on a blow dryer to dry my hair, etc., etc. FALSE! I have the kind of hair where any heat means GAME OVER. I will never have perfect spirals on that batch of hair again–I would literally have to start over in growing it out, and be totally miserable in the interim. Soooooo not worth it. That’s why I don’t mess with heat anymore–and I’m happier for it! : ) #hairpeace Postscript: I was looking at a video recently on naturals wearing crochet weaves (totally foreign territory for me), and see that the women were flat ironing their natural hair to get it to match the weave hair. Totally counterintuitive, and inviting trouble as a protective style!

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