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Twist-outs with Doris New York Hair Care Products

Yesterday, I used Doris New York products (Shampoo, Mud Pack, Leave-in Conditioner, Olive Oil Hair Cream and Hair and Scalp Oil) to do my twist out and I LOVE the results. My hair feels like silk and that is saying something considering the fact that I have struggled with my hair feeling like straw. In the past, I have relied on gels and hair products that often leave my hair feeling crunchy and coated.

What I did
I first washed with the shampoo. I next applied the Mud Minerals Pack Treatment, massaged it into my hair and scalp, combed through with wide-toothed comb, applied a shower cap and sat under a hooded dryer for 25 minutes. I then rinsed out the treatment and applied the leave in conditioner. I used the wide-toothed again and it slid through my hair. I then used a rat-tailed comb to part my hair and comb out each section of hair. I used clamps to separate my hair. As I combed out each section, I applied the Olive Oil Hair Cream and twisted that section. I did this to my entire head (wow, this took HOURS!!!! I need to figure out a faster style). I then sat under a hooded dryer. Once the excess moisture was removed, I applied the Hair and Scalp Oil to my scalp and edges and put on the satin sleeper.
The Results
This morning, I untwisted my hair by coating my fingers with the Olive Oil Hair Cream. I ran my fingers through my hair and smiled. I will say that I overdid it with the hair cream because my hair felt a bit greasy. I am used to dousing my hair with product, I think I only need a little bit of this product for it to work. Overall, I highly recommend the line. The product has also yielded phenomenal results on my daughter’s hair when I’ve done a chunky twist out on her hair. Her hair also felt like silk and her twisout lasted for a week then I was able to pull her hair into a ponytail for another week. I’ll be buying this line!
A Disclaimer
Please note that Marlene Duperley (co-owner and Senior VP at Doris New York) gifted me the Doris New York products. I typically don’t review products but I wanted to share the results that I got. I appreciate learning about good products and wanted to tell you about it!
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Natural Hair Weekend: Interviews, Meet-up and Awards Show!

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Hello everyone!

My last post was a week ago today and SO MUCH has happened since then. Last Friday, I went to New York to immerse myself in the natural hair care industry. I interviewed such notable Brooklyn salon owners as Diane Bailey of Tendrils ( , Marlene Duperley of Doris New York, Inc. ( and Victoria J. of Victoria J. Natural Hair Salon ( Each of these women opened their salons or homes to me and graciously gave of their time to share their thoughts on the natural hair care industry.
I also attended a natural hair meet-up hosted by Darker than Brown ( at a restaurant I’d never frequented (Vapiano’s! the meet-up was at the University Blvd location, try the Cobb Salad YUMMY!).
Plus, I attended the Natural Hair Awards at the Brooklyn Museum. I am not one to be starstruck but I was in awe of seeing Amazon Smiley (Amazon Natural Essentials Salon & Spa), Anu Prestonia (Khamit Kinks), Diane Bailey (Tendrils Salon), Marsulette Walker (Madame Walker’s Braidery), Marion Council-George (Designer Braids & Trade), Nekhena Evans (New Bein’ Enterprises), Orin Saunders (Locks N’ Chops), Sheila Everette-Hale (Everette’s Cornrows), and Tulani Kinard (Tulani’s Regal Movement; yes, THAT Tulani Kinard of Sweet Honey in the Rock fame!). I’ll discuss each of them in turn in the coming days.
Talk about a wonderful time! When I got back home on Monday, my mind was whirling with possibilities and blog topics. I welcome your comments as I post about each of these phenomenal experiences!
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    Greetings Ms. OpieIt is truly a wonderful thing you are doing with regards to blogging about our industry. I am thrilled you had an opportunity to attend The Master Pioneer Award. I look forward to reading your upcoming blog on our honorees. Peace and Blessings in all of you do and your visionAnita Hill MosesThe Master Pioneer AwardExecutive Director

  • topie

    Hi Samara and Anita!Samara, I am having the videos edited but I will be sure to post once they are worthy of viewing. 🙂 Anita, you know that I think you are doing a FABULOUS job! Keep it up!Tina

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