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Dr. Opie publishes new article in Fashion Studies Journal

Hello everyone, I recently published an article in the inaugural issue of Fashion Studies, a new peer-reviewed journal published by Ryerson University. Specifically, the fabulous Dr. Ben Barry and Dr. Alison Matthews David serve as co-editors. According to the journal’s website (

Fashion Studies is an open-access academic journal in fashion that celebrates multiple ways of knowing and sharing that knowledge.

Yes! Sign me up! My article is entitled, “Let My Hair Be Me: An Investigation of Employee Authenticity and Organizational Appearance Policies Through the Lens of Black Women’s Hair” ( In the article, I: 1) explore how organizational appearance policies, though seemingly innocuous, may conflict with efforts to encourage employee authenticity; 2) delve into the intersectional experiences of Black women in the workplace; and, 3) discuss how what we wear to work relates to uniforms!

The woman depicted in the article (and below!) is Ms. Petra Lewis, a blogger and friend that I met years ago while conducting research interviews. Shout out to Kevin Ryan for taking the amazing pictures!

Petra Lewis, Blogger & Entrepreneur
Photo Credits: Kevin Ryan

Also appearing in the issue are topics as varied as the origins of fashion mannequins and the relationship between fashion and race. Check it out!

Please share your thoughts on the article. Does your organization have appearance policies? What do you think about them? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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