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Happy Easter: Crowns of Glory

Happy Easter! Believe it or not, in my mind, Easter and hair are connected. Why you ask? Every Easter was a time for my family and I to get decked out from head to toe in our Easter finery. That meant a gorgeous hairstyle and, for the older women, a gorgeous hat. My husband and I gifted my Mother-in-Law with the book “Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church” by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry. Here is the cover shot of the book. I love the look on her face because she is calm and serene and elegant enough to wear her ornate hat in such a dignified way. My Mother can rock a hat and so can my Aunties. I have yet to find a slamming hat that will fit all of my dreadlocks but I’m still on the hunt. Hey, let me know if you are aware of entrepreneurs who cater to the dreadlock set; I’d love to find a beautiful crown. Happy Easter!

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