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Summer’s Eve Advertisement

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I’m surfing along looking for interesting hair/identity news when I come across the above image. Now, what does that look like to you? To me, it looked like a head of curly, kinky hair (a really nice twist out if you will) with a black fist representing a woman’s face. If you agree with me, you’d be wrong. It turns out that Summer’s Eve, a brand of feminine hygiene products, has released another commercial in its recent installment of “hip” advertisements. I won’t say anymore, just watch the video:

After you’ve watched the link, please tell me what you think of the advertisement. When you leave your comments, please indicate that it’s okay for me to post your comments (let me know if you want your online name to appear or not). I think that this could generate some interesting conversation. Looking forward to it! Please email, retweet, and pass this post along. I’d love to get a lot of folks involved. Thanks!

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