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Relaxer Versus Natural Hair: A Verdict on Ethnic Pride?

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Today’s post is short, sweet (I hope) and to the point:

If you put chemicals (e.g., relaxer, Brazilian blowout, etc.) in your hair you are denying your ethnicity.

You should be able to wear your hair however you like and not have your ethnic identification be questioned.

What is your response to those two statements? How do the statements make you feel? Have you ever had someone express these sentiments to you? Please comment and tell me a little bit about yourself. J

  • topie

    Here's a comment from one reader: "I have worn my hair natural/Relaxed. I would like to think my Ethinicity is defined by other factors and not just my hair. If we hold to our ethinicity being characterized by what type/texture of hair we have on our heads then we will be offended when statements such as these would offend. However for me choosing relaxed verses natural had nothing to do with me denying my ethinicity it was based on managebility and convience. Lastly I would say Hair or no Hair Relaxed or Natural my Ehinicity should not be question because that is established at birth."I had to post the comment because there appears to be technical difficulties with Blogger. I will try to figure it out, but I think it has to do with wanting you all to sign up to Blogger in order to comment. Nothing I can do about that. 🙁

  • Cláudia Santos

    I have to agree with Topie. (:I wear my hair uncurl because it gives a lot less work. When I have my hair frizz, there are times that I p I lack the strength to get caught. : (But unfortunately I see that my hair needs a break and because of this I will go to have it natural. 🙂 I'm pretty contentente so why will start to grow more healthy.(Sorry my bad English but I used the google translator)Kisses from Potugal * (:

  • Cláudia Santos

    Sorry. I was wrong! (: I agree with another reader's comment above.:)

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