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Personal Grooming versus Identity Alteration, Part 3

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I continue to post responses to a question I recently posed to a few of my readers. Here is the question:

What is the distinction between grooming and identity alteration?

Meaning, where is the line when personal grooming / hygiene changes into something that potentially alters identity?

Please join in on the conversation as it’s sparking some lively discussion. Here’s a response from Shakena (check out her blog:

“this is such an interesting topic! i constantly go back and forth debating what physical changes i would be willing to make. as i love to wear my hair in different styles (non-relaxed, yet flat ironed vs natural curl) and i love to dabble in make-up, i do not do those things with the intentions of diverting from the person God made me to be. I do those things simply to enhance my natural beauty and to make myself feel good!

as far as plastic surgery goes, i often feel that it is used in reaction to how one wants the public to perceive them. bigger boobs or butt, smaller nose, tighter skin/tummy are often used to cover up insecurities, never truly satisfying the person under the knife. (it has been said that people who get plastic surgery often go back for more or at least for maintenance…sorry no stats). however, as the last post discusses, plastic surgery as a response to a disorder or tragedy would be viewed as a means to return to the person that God originally made us to be.

i agree that personal grooming vs identity alteration is a person-by-person case. however, since the intentions behind each case would be forced to rely on each person’s truths, the reality may never be realized.”

Shakena thanks so much for your comment!
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