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Ode to Alice Walker: Oppressed Hair Be Gone!

Once I began to celebrate my unbound hair, I felt liberated. I began to do my own hair, experiment with updos ( and try out new hair accessories ( I really did feel reborn.

I think it was also at this time that I began to work it out as a consultant. I have always had an interest in the “people side” of business. Stick me in a cubicle with a spreadsheet and I’ll die of boredom BUT put me in a room full of consultants who need to learn how to do spreadsheets or a cubicle to train a troubled employee and I am ON (I’ve always loved to teach which is one reason I’m so happy that I’m now a college professor, whew-hew for pursuing dreams!).

Yes, I might be overstating it to say that my hair led to me finding my groove at work, but I can tell you that fully embracing myself led me to become even more fearless, creative and willing to take educated risks. Alice Walker talked about how “oppressed hair puts a ceiling on your brain” during a Founder’s Day at Spelman College in Atlanta, April 11, 1987. Check it out:

Image of Alice Walker found at:

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