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Natural Hair Rules: To Follow or Not to Follow

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Reflections on WhoisSugar’s “How to Do You with Natural Hair”

I needed a good laugh today, so I went back to a YouTube channel that always brings me a deep chuckle (you know the kind that you feel in your belly?)! Whoissugar is HILARIOUS to me. In her videos she is able to balance humor with great information. Here is a video ( she did earlier this year on “how to do you with natural hair”. Her main message is that there appear to be a million and one natural hair rules and, perhaps, they infringe on our ability to fully express ourselves. Here are a few of her comments:
1. If you want to flat iron your hair every day for the rest of your natural hair life, do it
2. If you want to use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair with and start at the root do you
3. If you refuse to use a Denman brush on your hair to detangle it, do you
4. If you want to have weave on top of your natural hair, that’s alright
5. If you want to put vagina cream and horse products and silicones and baby urine or whatever in your hair to make it grow faster or whatever, do you
6. If you sleep on cotton sheet, with a cotton pillowcase and a cotton scarf, wrapped with a cotton bonnet with cotton ponytail holder in your head, if that’s what you want to do you, do you

I like the video because it sheds light on how natural hair itself can become bondage if we’re not careful. Not the natural hair itself but the rules that we or others may impose on us natural hair wearers. For me, natural hair is about FREEDOM. DO YOU!

What natural hair rules have you heard of? Do you or don’t you abide by them? Why?

  • Shakena.Renee

    ha! that is funny! i can agree about the comb though…my hair is curly and using a small tooth comb literally makes me cry! i use the wide lol #5 is HILARIOUS because i have a friend that just went natural and OH MY GOODNESS she is trying all of these CRAZY "natural" substances on her hair and my response is always "do you." i personally condish everyday with garnier fructis…wash like every 4-5 days bc my hair is soft and collects dirt/dust sooo fast, and comb it out with the condish in it before rinsing. i flat iron during the winter bc i'm still scared of the myth that wet hair in the winter=a cold lol but hey…to each's own!

  • topie

    Hi Shakena Renee! Isn't WhoisSugar hilarious?! Oh my goodness, she makes me laugh every single time. Sorry for the delay in emailing you back, just had a fabulous party for my daughter's bday. Lots of planning but even more fun! Be well and thanks for reading and commenting on the blog! 🙂

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