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Natural Hair Regimen and Pre Poo

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I came across an excellent video that shows a quick natural hair regimen. (called “My Natural Hair Regimen”). I think I’ll be trying this on my daughter’s hair the next time we wash. I am ecstatic to learn more and more about natural hair.

I also found some interesting information on pre-pooing. Pre-poo is simply a pre-shampoo treatment; AfroBella covered this a few years ago: and here’s a few other sites that talk about prepooing: (has a prepoo video),, (prepoo recipe…I haven’t tried it so let me know how it works for you). Thanks! Tina

  • meandmrcole

    I have a great pre-poo regimine, and I use it faithfully each time I wash: EVOO, Honey, Jane Carter's thick moisurizer (it's meant as a styling product, but is GREAT as a pre-poo). I apply it to damp hair using an applicator bottle. Cover with a plastic cap for about 30-45 minutes, and I'm ready to wash!

  • topie

    Hello there! Thanks so much for your comment. You were the first one to tell me about pre-poo (where had I been?!). I will have to try this. But isn't Jane Carter's stuff expensive!!!!? You know me, always on a hunt for amazing, inexpensive stuff! 🙂

  • traveldiva

    hello! the link to the regimen wouldnt work for me, what search terms did you use to find the video?

  • topie

    Hi TravelDiva, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Go to YouTube and type in "natural hair regimen". You should see a video by ThinkandGrowChick that is 3 minutes and 55 seconds. Please let me know if that works for you. Here's the link that came up for me: Thanks!

  • J-Squared

    Tina,Thanks for sharing the video. Natural hair seems so cumbersome at times. Those are aloooooooot of steps… lol! Have you came across any simpler regimens? I have been struggling with finding a regimen that only requires thirty minutes from start to finish.

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