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Natural Hair Causes Damage? Say WHAT!!!???

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The following text was copied from a 7/24/11 article by Zuri Brannen of the Observer-Dispatch article entitled, “Hair trends: Women choosing new styles over chemicals” (

All-natural options

Of course, not everyone follows the crowd. Many women still prefer to wear their hair relaxed because they find it easier to manage. Laly Marte, owner of Laly’s Beauty Salon in Utica, said that relaxers are something that some women have grown accustomed to.

“Once you try something new, it’s hard to go back to what you had before,” she said.

Marte encourages women to use relaxers, and does not suggest that they wear their hair natural because it also causes damage.

“If you leave your hair natural, it breaks off,” she said.

Rachel Yangasa, 15, has been getting relaxers since she was eight years old, and said she prefers to keep it that way because it makes her hair straighter and easier to manage. She said that she would never wear her hair natural because of how difficult it would be to maintain it.

“It would be like an afro,” she said.

But her younger sister, 12-year-old Ticia Yangasa, gave up relaxers last year in favor of a chemical-free alternative: wash and sets from hair salons. Stylists wash and straighten her hair using blow dryers and hot irons so that it can still be straight without using chemicals.

Since Ticia switched, she’s noticed that it has helped her hair to grow better, and it is more healthy, she said.

I don’t know if you noticed the comment by Ms. Marte that wearing your hair natural causes it to break off. SAY WHAT!!!! Now, I’m not the natural hair police snatching women up when they get relaxers (wow, is it really necessary, let folks make their own choices!) but I certainly think it’s uncool to say that natural hair causes damage. What do you all think? Have you ever received advice like this?Please share your story and how you responded.

  • J-Squared

    Hey Tina,Don't know if natural hair causes damage, per say. But I have noticed that my hair gets more split ends and knots (which I've never had before), being natural.

  • topie

    Hi J-Squared! Thanks for your comment. What do you think causes the split ends and knots? Is it being natural or is there something going on with the hair care process? Maybe natural hair needs more trims? Wider tooth combs? Brushing? I don't know your hair type so this might be way off! Just a few thoughts. Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • J-Squared

    I've heard that natural hair tends to wind up on itself, which causes knots. I trim my hair very often due to the split ends and knots. The front half of my hair is 3b and doesn't knot. The back half of my hair is 3c and it generates alot of tiny knots at the end.I comb with a wide tooth comb and fingers. I've tried deep conditioning more, but that doesnt work either… starting to get a little frustrated 🙁

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