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Mothers: Why do we Care How our Daughters’ Hair Looks?

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Feeling much better after getting the Bad Mother of the Year Award yesterday ( I also reflected a bit on why my daughter’s hair is relevant to my role as a mother. Mothers are supposed to be nurturing, caring people who make sure that their children are neat, clean and loved. Hmm, I guess sending my child out of the house with a jacked up hairstyle violates all of that, no? So, I’m a better Momma if my daughter’s hair is perfectly coifed? Wow, I’m not even talking about my son. There must be something unique about the mother-daughter relationship. More on that later.

I think I feel better about myself when my daughter’s hair is done because I’m presenting my daughter to the world in a way where she is at her “prettiest”. Ugh, that doesn’t sound good. Why am I so concerned about what others think? This is reminding me of how I felt at work trying to keep my naps under control ( Am I doing the same thing with my child? Do I think that if her hair looks poofy she’ll be rejected by those around her? What do you all think?

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