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Mother Daughter Bonding

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In an earlier post ( I pondered why we mothers (and some fathers) care so much about our daughter’s hair. I reflected on how my daughter’s hair impacts her identity as well as my own. Yesterday, I washed my daughter’s hair and we had some time to talk. My daughter is quick as a whip and absolutely has no problem telling me how much she hates to get her hair done. But, as soon as I remind her that she likes her hair to look nice she acquiesces and lets me lather, rinse, lather, rinse, (no towel blot…leads to frizz), apply leave in conditioner (Kinky Curly Knot Today), section, comb, two-strand twist (Kinky Curly Gel) hand place her under the hooded dryer for a few minute to remove excess water, then conclude with a fair amount of essential oils. Whew, now it’s time for bed (for both of us!).

Guess what? We managed to have fun doing it. We watched a bit of TV and when it was time for her to sit under the dryer, I lay down next to her so that I could rub her back and keep her company. She soaked it all in and gave me the most precious smile. I love the fact that our hair ritual is becoming a bonding ritual.

Plus, when I untwisted her hair this morning and put it into an afro-puff her hair was moisturized, detangled and gorgeous! She loved it and I was so grateful that we’d spent time together. I love Kinky Curly products and they can be purchased at By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Kinky Curly just love the products!

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