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Keep it moving: wash and go for cute TWA

I am so excited to be in NY. The thing is I caught myself in the “hair worry” tent this morning. Why? I beautifully twisted and then twisted out my hair for my trip. Well, it got wet and I feel myself getting that familiar feeling of agita in my stomach because my hair is looking frizzy and unmaintenanced. Ugh.

To further complicate matters, I am booked to interview several natural hair stylists; scheduled to attend my first natural hair meet-up this evening; and, I plan to attend a Natural Hair Awards ceremony tomorrow (not to mention go to a friend’s wedding!). How in the world am I going to mingle with naturalistas with a jacked up head? The good thing is that I now quickly recognize when I’m being ridiculous.
My solution: wash and go this morning. When I start to stress over my hair I remind myself that I am empowered to take care of it and that is beautiful in its kinky, thick glory. Keep it moving Tina, keep it moving.
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