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Identity Shift

Going forward, I am going to try something new: shorter blogs (thanks for the suggestion Fred ( Please weigh in and let me know your thoughts on the shorter format. Thanks!

Around 2001 I had made the decision to loc my hair and I was waiting for my double-strand twists to grown into locs. Yesterday I shared several adjustments that I had to make ( In addition to having to stop expecting my hair to lay down, no longer running from water and realizing that everyone (especially my family) wouldn’t appreciate my journey, I had to redefine my personal beauty. It was one thing to have double-strand twists that could be taken out and straightened (a la hot comb) so that my hair looked “long”, it was a totally different thing to have somewhat porcupine looking hair as my twists / locs stood straight out on my head. My mind was flooded with a series of questions about femininity, attractiveness, and professionalism. Was I still cute? Would my husband still find me attractive? Would I look ridiculous without makeup and jewelry? Would my bosses and clients take me seriously? I’d gone through a similar phase when I first had the big chop ( but this felt identity-shifting. I was now facing the fact that my self-presentation and part of my identity were being significantly altered in a more permanent way.

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