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Hunt for cute hairstyles

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After having our two children (we have a son and a daughter), I realized that I no longer had time to spend hours experimenting with my hair. I was on a hunt for cute styles that would allow my growing locs to flourish. I began to use Carol’s Daughter products (, specifically, the shampoos and loc butter. Now, I’m not a Carol’s Daughter spokesperson but I can say that my locs seemed to love the products. Then, I was told that beeswax should NEVER be used on locs. Oh gosh, I could feel another product onslaught coming on. You know what I mean: you try one brand of conditioner (or, shampoo, detangler, moisturizer, fill in the blank), then you hear something else and go out and buy two other brands of the same product. The intent is great, we want to take care of our hair; however, the execution can make us seem like crazed product fiends. I had my share of natural hair care products affairs but I always came back to products that use natural ingredients that I could pronounce. J I think that that might be good for all types of hair, not just locs.

I also started looking for cute hairstyles. Back then, most of the hairstyles were found in loctitian photo albums or hair magazines. But NOW!? Whoa, talk about resources. Here are a few of the websites that I turn to when I want to learn something about my hair, try something new or look extra special:

Khamit Kinks- A great salon, I used to go to the Manhattan shop before it relocated to Brooklyn (I believe that’s where the shop originated). Ms. Anu Prestonia, President, KNOWS hair. While she never did my hair, it’s clear that the other stylists are tight as well.

kimmaytube – an informative YouTube channel that contains some nice step-by-step styling tutorials

BronzeGoddess01 – another YouTube channel that has hair tutorials as well as some hilarious takes on life

KinkyCurlyHairCare – demonstrates how to use Kinky Curly Hair Products

I hope that these sites help. I’ll be sure to share more. Also, please comment and let me know the sites that you rely on for hair care styles, tips, etc. FYI, Kimmaytube and KinkyCurlyHairCare talk about natural hair, not locs specifically.

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