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Hindu Ascent by Stuck in Customs

This picture by Stuck in Customs (aka Trey Ratcliff) is so peaceful.  The beautiful lighting makes it almost look like the person is ascending into the heavenly realm.  Here is the picture’s description on Flikr:

“A 94-year-old woman ascends the final stairs in the 272-step ascent in the Batu Caves, a pilgrimage site in Malaysia for over 800,000 Hindus per year.

Her hair is 3 meters long (about 9 feet). She has never cut it her entire life. It is so long, she has to fold it back and forth a few times and wrap it to keep it from dragging behind.”

The picture comes from Trey’s daily photo blog found at  Trey, thank you for such beautiful work!  So inspiring!

I am in awe  of the picture and the story behind the picture.  To think that a 94-year-old woman has never cut her hair.  Just one more way to know that hair matters.

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