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Halle Berry: In Court Against Ex Over Daughter’s Hair?

Hair MATTERS.  I don’t know Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, or their daughter but if anything about this story is true, it is just SAD to me.

First, their daughter is six years old, so any chemical process (straightening, coloring, etc.) seems ridiculous.  What is the point?  Second, if there is any truth to the goal of denying the little girl’s Black heritage, well…THAT is even sadder.

Below is an excerpt from a 11/24/14 article on; what do you all think? Would you take your spouse or ex to court over this?

BTW, I decided NOT to post a picture of their daughter, let’s leave the children out of this.  I wish the paparazzi would stop hounding these parents for their children’s pictures.  Can you imagine how traumatic that would be?

Excerpt from article on

Oscar winner Halle Berry’s ex made ‘completely and totally unacceptable’ racial slurs against the actress – and dyed their six-year-old daughter’s hair blonde, it was revealed in court today.

The star took her former love, Gabriel Aubry, to court, accusing him of straightening their little girl Nahla’s naturally curly hair and lightening it over the past year in a bid to deny her African-American heritage.

As a result, Halle said in court documents, Aubry had caused Nahla ‘potential psychological and physical damage’ – and could cause her to wonder ‘why her natural appearance is not good enough’.

A judge ruled today that neither Halle nor Aubry can now change Nahla’s hair, while court records obtained by MailOnline show that Aubry has made shocking racist remarks against the star”

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