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Hair penalties: The negative influence of Afrocentric hair on ratings of Black women’s dominance and professionalism

Hi everyone,

I’m proud to announce that my co-author, Kathy Phillips, and I recently learned that our paper on Afrocentric hair and professionalism has been accepted in an academic journal called Frontiers in Psychology.  Here is a link to the abstract:

You can also download the full article PDF on that page.


More and more women are donning their natural hair in the workplace.

Many of us may be aware of the international phenomenon where women are embracing their natural hair.  In our paper, we found that Afrocentric hair is rated as less professional than Eurocentric hair.  Honestly, this was no surprise given societal norms.  However, of particular interest to us was that, when evaluating Afrocentric hair, Black people were harsher than White people.  Read the full paper to understand why.  Please share your thoughts on natural hair in the workplace on the blog or my Facebook page at




  • Mia

    Congratulations on the acceptance of your paper on such an important topic!

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