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Hair Damage! Watch those flat irons ladies!

Welp, I did it.  Made the BIG mistake that I’ve managed to avoid for almost 20 years: damaged my hair with heat.  I recently got a blow out, flat iron and trim.  My hair stayed that way for about three weeks.  This morning I washed it and lo and behold…there were MANY sections with bone straight ends.


This is not me but it shows what happened to my ends. They will NOT return to their natural, kinky state.


Stay tuned as I’ll share some hair care insights and tips from Ms. Giovan Lane, a wicked smart scientist who is the founder and product designer of cinagrOrganic LLC (

  • v

    Hey my hair is exactly like this and i really hate it. I have to chemically straighten it for like 2 times in a year and thus damaging my hair very badly! now i’m just sick of it and i don’t know what to do 🙁

    • Tina Opie

      Hi Elizabeth, Just seeing your comment! First, I encourage you to embrace your hair. It took me a minute, but I haven’t looked back since. Second, do you have any friends who you can swap styles, websites, etc. with? The community has been invaluable to me! Please keep us posted as you try different things! Thanks!

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