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Hair Care Thriving During Weak Economy

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Who knew that natural hair care might be an oasis in the midst of the current financial crisis? Sabrina Tavernise penned an 8/6/11 New York Times article entitled, “A thriving growth area in a weak economy: Hair” that addresses this point ( The article reports that while consumers may cut many things from their budget during an economic down turn, hair care is not one of them. Call me crazy, but I could have told you that! Really, I know lots of ladies who will stop planning luxury trips, weekly mani/pedis and monthly shopping extravaganzas in order to keep their regularly scheduled hair appointments. One woman in the article even compared getting her hair done to keeping her lights on. Now THAT might be a bit far for me (who can see your hair anyway if you don’t have electricity?) but I get the gist. Hair matters!

Another interesting note was that some women are even turning to the hair care industry for employment given the slow job market. I came across an interesting blog that talks about this from the perspective of the “informal urban economy” as JE, the blog author referred to it (see “If you can do braids, you can get paid!”: Where there is a will, there is a way.

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