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Hair bonding

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Last night I took out the majority of my daughter’s cornrows (remember, the nightmare African Braiding Salon we visited?). Today, I’m trying out a new stylist who comes highly recommended (thanks Stephanie!). I am hoping that we have a much better experience this time around; I’ll be sure to share!

While removing the cornrows from my daughter’s hair I was transported back to the many floors, rugs and pillows I sat on as a little girl while my Mom braided or unbraided my hair. I was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that I am now someone’s Momma doing her hair (isn’t it weird how those moments happen every now and then?!). As I brushed through my daughter’s hair, I felt a surge of love for her. I want her to understand that her hair is part of who she is but is not her essence. I want her to see how bright, beautiful and loving she is. I tried to be gentle as I coaxed out tangles and knots. Have to get better at that. Sometimes I still revert back to the thought that she’s “just tender-headed”. But, I know I just need to be more tender-hearted. I am praying that our weekly / bi-weekly hair rituals will bond us over the coming years. Gasp! There may come a time when my daughter doesn’t want her old-fashioned Momma anywhere near her hair. Wow. I am grateful for our time together.

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