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Found Our New Hair Salon!

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I have found our new salon! Hallelujah! I’ve talked about how to find a professional hair salon ( but I should have taken my own advice! There is something to say about getting referrals (again, thanks Stephanie!). When I first called Denise, I knew that she was a professional. After my last nightmare, I had a million and one questions (what kind of products do you use? Do you work with children? How much do you charge? Is a wash extra? How about conditioner? How much for beadwork? And on and on and on). Denise answered every question with charm and patience. Plus, she audibly gasped when I shared that the last person had put baby oil on my locs. Good sign!

When my daughter and I walked into the salon (I was a bit taken aback by the fact that the front door was barred and locked, no one is getting in unless the stylists unlock the door for them). Once I stepped through the doors, I was relieved and immediately reminded of the old school salons that I grew up frequenting. It was huge inside dressed in deep burgundies and browns. The salon looked like it could accommodate five or more stylists; however, there is only Ms. Gladys and Niecy (as Denise is called). Ms. Gladys has been doing hair since 1974 and still has her South Carolinian accent despite being in Boston for so long. She elected to have just her and Niecy because she can’t “deal with the drama”. I love her right away.

Niecy is washing her daughter’s hair when we arrive. A few moments later she ushers my daughter into a shampoo bowl carefully placing two phone books under her so that she is comfortable. Denise masterfully washes and conditions my daughter’s hair and I can tell that we are in good hands. Denise is super attentive to my daughter constantly checking in to ensure that she is okay. I relax and sink back into my chair. Up next, the styling.

P.S.: It’s nice to be back after taking a fabulous vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary! Whew-hew for marriage! J

  • Steph

    Yay! So glad it worked out!! Forgot to warn you about the bars on the doors, but that's the beauty of going to shops in Dorchester 🙂 As I said, Niecy has been doing my hair for about 4-5 years now and she never disappoints.

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