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Hello everyone,
I wanted to share that I have been working on several things related to my research on hair and identity. I am excited to say that over the coming weeks I’ll be migrating from Blogger to my own website: Whew-hew!!!! The website will house my blog, research, news relevant to hair and identity and other topics of interest. Please stay tuned. Thanks to all of you for making this blog such a success. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
P.S.: A week later, I am still rocking my twist-outs that I styled with Doris New York (DNY) products. I am thrilled because my hair is soft, moisturized and pliant. Perhaps my old straw hair has gone bye-bye?! I do believe that my sisters and Mommy will be getting DNY products for Christmas! Ok, enough on my hair.

My twist-out a week later
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