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Dreadlock Picking Mess

Yesterday was a hilarious hair day for me. For those of you who’ve been tuning in to the blog on a regular basis, you know that I vacillate between adoring my locs and wanting to have an afro. Well, yesterday, I got the bright idea of trying to pick out a loc to see how much length I would have. I went to CVS bought some conditioner, a rat tail comb and went to work. I followed the simpler directions I’d found on taking down locs ( rather than the more complex directions which require knot remover cream ( I just soaked my hair with water and conditioner and went to work. HA! I spent hours, I mean HOURS picking at ONE loc and it is still not fully detangled. I do have a lot of loosened hair but I just don’t think that I have the patience to pick out my entire head. Seriously, it would take MONTHS to do it.

I plan to Big Chop between 8//21 and 8/26 so pray that I find a good stylist and that I keep up my courage to do it (I can be a real chicken). One of my journalist girlfriends even plans to film it for me. Please tune into the blog often so that you can be one of the first to see my transformation!

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