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Diane Bailey of Tendrils Hair Spa

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Diane Bailey of Tendrils Hair Spa ( ) is a FORCE OF NATURE! Plain and simple. When Diane enters a room she brings both sparkle and depth. She is in the “45 to 65 range” though she looks much younger and recognizes that her good genes and healthy living have blessed her with a beautiful visage. Plus, she is indefatigable; during my two plus hour stay I don’t think I saw Diane sit down once (Diane, thanks for opening your shop to me!).

Needless to say, I had a fabulous visit. But the thing that I enjoyed most about visiting Tendrils was speaking with Diane, Carla and other stylists (and some clients!) about their passion for a natural hair lifestyle. That’s right, at Tendrils you quickly learn that these women believe that natural hair reflects a deeper commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I used the word “naturalista” and Diane replied that such lingo is in fact what leads some to believe that natural hair is a trend rather than a healthy choice. Hmm, something to think about? Do you think that words like naturalista or phrases like “the Big Chop” contribute to the perception that natural hair is a fad? Why or why not?

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