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Denman Brush magic due to bristle placement

Yeahhh! A representative from Denman, makers of the famed Denman brush, was kind enough to respond to my email inquiring about the effectiveness of the brush. Here’s my original email:


I am a professor and I also blog on hair and identity. I’m wondering if there is any information that you can provide that explains why the Denman Brush works so well (especially on curly/kinky hair)?


Here’s the response:

Dear Dr. Opie,

Thank you for your email.

The Denman D31 Freeflow Hairbrush is the most suitable brush for curly / kinky hair, as the nylon pins are widely-spaced and have a staggered formation, which allows for extra movement between the hair and the brush. It is particularly effective for detangling thick curly / kinky hair.

For your reference, I have attached an image of the D31 Freeflow Hairbrush and a link to our website for more information:

I hope this helps to explain the features and benefits of this particular hairbrush.

Kind regards


So, it sounds like the placement of the bristles has something to do with the wondrous outcomes I’ve heard so many kinky/curly heads describe. Hmm, I think I still need more info! 🙂

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