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Circle of Sisters

What do a judge, a law clerk, a VP of Communications and several administrators have in common? I interviewed each of them about natural hair and the workplace at the 2011 Circle of Sisters ( Marlene Duperley of Doris New York ( was kind enough to allow me to use her booth (#200, straight up the escalators AMAZING spot for traffic!) as my home base as I interviewed several women about hair and the workplace. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, let me tell you about the expo!

Who do you think I saw at the expo? Nicole Ari Parker ( and Boris Kodjoe ( )! Yes, they are both beautiful in person…I didn’t get a chance to talk with either of them so I’m afraid I’m being highly superficial and talking about their physical beauty…gorgeous!

Anyway, it was a wonderful feeling to walk into an expo hall filled to the gills with entrepreneurs and vendors in pursuit of “New York’s women of color”. Plus, I LOVE to see women doing their thing and pursuing their passion with fervor. Marlene is a SMART business woman, she had the expo hall abuzz as she and two other models handed out marketing materials while sporting huge ball gown skirts and cute t-shirts (Marlene designed them, check out her website for further details). By the way, I am not employed by Marlene or Doris New York. But, I will holler your name from the hilltops if I think you are cool and have fabulous products. So, here I go on to holler about Zandria’s fabulous jewelry. I bought a CUTE black and white dress from Chico’s but couldn’t quite find the right jewelry. I found what I needed when I took one look at Zandria’s black and clear Czech crystal hoop earrings (I’m wearing them in today’s blog shot). It just feels good to support these businesswomen.

Also, if you are willing for me to interview you about hair and the workplace, please email me at Thanks!

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