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Rory Hadley, creater of, and her daughter

One website that I think is fabulous is “Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care” ( (see a write up here: The website was created by Rory Hadley as an outlet to share her experiences as a White Mom raising her Black adopted daughter (can you say cute as a button!?). I LOVE this site and have used it myself when seeking tips about hair styling.

I hate to admit it but when I see unkempt Black / multi-racial children with uncombed hair and ashy skin, I often wonder, “Man, do they have White parents?” Why do I think this? Because I have encountered multiple instances where such children have been raised or adopted by White parents. The parents seem to have no clue how to take care of their children’s’ hair and skin more or less the children’s egos and self-esteem that may be battered as these youngsters grow up and realize: 1) that they are different than their family members / parents; and, 2) that society may devalue them.

That is why I love “Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care”. Ms. Hadley talks about hair and also manages to make deeper connections to how hair affects self-esteem and self image. Thanks Ms. Hadley!

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    Wow! Awesome site! Thanks for sharing!

  • topie

    Yeahhh! So glad that you like it. Rory is doing an amazing job. Please pass it along! 🙂

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