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Camping, bears and my new do

Hi everyone,

As you may recall, I got another big chop when my hair was damaged by a flat iron.  This short curly do has come in handy this week as I planned to camp with my hubby at a few national parks.  Ok, I confess, I’m NOT a “roughing it” kind of girl.  Sooooo, when we pulled up to our cabin (Laurel Hill State Park) the other night I loved the gorgeous natural scenery but I was taken aback to realize that there was no bathroom, no shower, no water in our unit (public showers down the road a bit).

Laurel hill state park cabins in woods- 555b62e8b2661.image

Wow.  But it was game over for your girl, the woods and this whole camping idea when someone spotted a BIG bear (Blue Knob State Park).  The park ranger made matters worse when she said, “Well, don’t run” when I asked what we should do if we crossed paths with the bear.

PA bear

HA, camping trip over, we booked the next few nights at a Best Western.

So, what does this have to do with hair?  Well, I can honestly say that aside from a dousing with water and a dab of gel, I haven’t thought about my hair one bit.  The freedom NOT to think about what I’ll do with my hair if I want to take a swim or if we get caught in a downpour, or if we’re away from running water for a day…ahhhh, that has been liberating.  The swatting gnats, flies and peering onto the horizon for lumbering bear-like gaits, all while keeping my finger on the remote car lock so that I can high tail it to the car if need be, not so much.

Outside of the fear of being eaten by a bear, I’ve truly enjoyed our time in the outdoors.  Seriously, national parks are indeed a national treasure.  If you have a chance, visit one.  🙂

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