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Best way to refresh natural hair?

I am happy that despite an intense workout, my twist outs are still in fabulous shape. Once I’d showered, I unwrapped my hair (I use a satin head wrap / scarf when I sleep and when I shower) and applied coconut oil. I gently rubbed my hair in a circular motion thinking that any stray hairs would be swirled up into my coils. I was happy with the final look.

As I mentioned the other morning, I am now on a hunt for tips on how to refresh my hairstyles…especially twist outs (I simply love this style and I bet I’ll be wearing it a lot). On one hand, I have heard that whenever you refresh your hair, water should be involved. On the other hand, I’m hesitant to wet my hair in any way shape or fashion when I’m trying to preserve a hairstyle. What do you all do?

  • J-Squared

    Tina… again, I ABSOLUTELY love your hair. In regards to refreshing hairstyles, do you sleep with a bonnet? I notice that when I moisturize at night (a little MJ butter creme or jojoba/coconut oil) and place a satin cap on it, my hair stays pretty much the same. It will just need to be fluffed. As far as adding water to my hair, I would say that's a no-no, only because my hair is frizzy and any water added after styling activates frizz. Are you a frizzer? I've noticed that for non-frizzers, adding water mixed with a styling product works for people as a refresher.

  • topie

    Thanks J-Squared! I just saw the other part of J-Squared the other night! Great to catch up! We had a ball at dinner! Hope to see you soon too!I do sleep with a fabulous satin tie bonnet (I received a gift from Doris New York when I interviewed Marlene Duperley…have you ever used their products?) and I tend to put coconut oil on my hair in the morning (I apply in a circular motion and try to get my coils to POP!). You are right, the bonnet helps my hair retain moisture and, typically, I only need to fluff my hair in the morning.I am so glad you confirmed my fear of spritzing my hair with water. I am definitely a frizzer so I should have known better! But, I am also willing to try new things; I'll just have to wait until it's closer to wash day. 🙂 Thanks again for your comments and compliments! 🙂

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