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Balding More Common than One Might Think

The Savin Scale, used to measure hair loss and overall thinning.


Hello everyone,

In a recent post, I talked about what I have in common with a 13-year old balding boy.  I’ve realized that baldness is not as uncommon as one might think.  According to WebMD, by age 30 roughly 50% of men will begin to have thinning hair.  Further, WebMD adds that women comprise 40% of people suffering from temporary or permanent hair loss .  The Mayo Clinic, under its article on hair loss, lists common causes of hair loss as hormones, medical conditions (thyroid problems, alopecia areata, scalp infections, and other skin disorders).    Over the next few posts, I’ll be exploring more about baldness sharing research and interviews.  Stay tuned!  Please email me at if you’d like to share your story.  Thanks!



  • shgordon1

    Male pattern balding? The dermatologist told me it was female pattern balding….. Of course that was back when they were trying to make me into a Hypo Chondric instead of diagnosing my Hypo Thyroid you know me and can call my in Ttown ….. Sue

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