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Bad Mother of the Year Award?

Today is a difficult blog for me. Why? Well, today was the end of year breakfast for my daughter’s kindergarten class and I FORGOT!!! Yes, I totally forgot so I’m at my desk writing this knowing that I don’t have enough time to get to her class before the breakfast ends. Oh my goodness.

Plus, her hair looked jacked up! As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’ve been working really hard to allow my daughter to play and gallivant around in water. Well, now, her twists are fuzzy and all I could do to make her hair look neat was pull her twists into a ponytail / bun on top of her head. Great, now she has a fuzzy bun and is an orphan at the end of year breakfast. Wow, need to press restart on today. Even better, I’m going to take a deep breath and go make an espresso.

Talk to you tomorrow. L

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