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A Wig Confession: Why I Shouted GLO-RAYYYYYY!!! When Viola Davis Pulled Off That Wig

As one of the more than 14,000,000 viewers of “How To Get Away With Murder” #HTGAWM and a hair/identity researcher, I was baffled by the less than attractive wig worn by Professor Annalise Keating (brilliantly played by Viola Davis).  This top-notch show can’t get a more attractive hair do for the gorgeous Ms. Davis? Really, I feel GUILTY about how much I hate that wig.  I didn’t want to speak poorly about Ms. Davis so I refrained from posting about that wig. I have to admit that I was particularly disappointed to see Ms. Davis in that wig after seeing her ROCK her beautiful natural hair.




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So imagine my great relief when Ms. Davis TOOK. THAT. UGLY. WIG. OFF.  HALLELUJAH!  (along with her false eyelashes and makeup).  Then, to emphasize the wig’s removal, Ms. Davis stroked her hands over her natural hair.  Her husband then kissed her.

This suggests that the wig is somehow connected to the show’s plot.  Now, I am even more intrigued by this show than I was before the “reveal”.


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